Friday, December 15, 2006

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Z in the R is B on the B. Let's talk about Jimmy Carter. The former President is getting skewered in the press for his new book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, comparing Israel's treatment of the Palestinians with South Africa' apartheid era government. Carter has been slammed as a bigot and worse.

Carter's wise enough to have expected a shitstorm. Taking a position that no U.S. President could take while in office, Carter is challenging journalists and the pro-Israel lobby to take him on. Carter's ready for them. One of the most controversial statements Carter makes is that the media and powerful lobby do not offer a diversity of opinion on Israel's actions.

As a Jew, I once took for granted that Israel can do no wrong. In the late 1990's I made my only trip to Israel, which sparked my interest on the conflict with the Palestinians. I no longer take Israel's bona fides for granted. And I cannot accept that Fatah and Hamas are the incarnation of evil, as I was taught to believe. Carter, to his credit, says that we need to examine the case with a fresh view on the merits. The attempt to silence a critic is proof of the fact that the subject is censored.

Carter put his enormous good will and reputation in play to spur a new view of the Middle East crisis. He thinks he's earned the benefit of the doubt through his own peace-making, humanitarian works. He deserves fair consideration, and we should join him by making our own evaluations, rather than dismissing him out of hand. The peace process will not suffer from a candid appraisal of both sides.

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Blogger BeachGirl said...

BR: Where art thou? Miss ur take(no prisoners:-) on recent events sublime(ly)>ridiculous&everythang-in-between: Hillary in Iowa; Biden under pressure; Barack(HUSSEIN 'Osama'); Molly; "Shrub's surge'(ing)insanity; MickeyD v.Starbucks; infidelity (public? private? political?)... Not 2 mention this GEM (LAT2day): "Hollywood wookiee impersonator arrested 4 head-butting tour guide, yelling, 'NOBODY TELLS CHEWBACCA WHAT 2 DO!' Superman is witness."

03 February, 2007  
Blogger BeachGirl said...

(1) Correction: "Shrub" surge(ing)insanity;

(2) P.S. "If his IQ was any lower, we'd have to water him twice a day."

--above BOTH courtesy, M.I.

03 February, 2007  

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